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Explore the vibrant city of Guadalajara with our professional DMC services. Our team of local experts will work with you to create a personalized itinerary that showcases the best of what this cultural hub has to offer. From luxury accommodations to private transportation and exclusive tours and activities, we have everything you need to make your Guadalajara vacation unforgettable. Discover the rich history and traditional folklore, enjoy the delicious local cuisine, and experience the vibrant nightlife. Trust us to make your trip to the heart of Jalisco one to remember.

General Information

The city of Guadalajara is the capital of Jalisco and the second largest and most important city in Mexico. It is recognized as the Pearl of the West, because of its climate, its natural beauty and the cordial charm of its inhabitants. It is the representation of the Mexican culture, with its folklore, crafts, tequila and the national sport: The charrería, represents a combination of elegance, mastery and talent and without leaving behind the recognized mariachi, with its big hats and elegant adorned suits.

It is the second place of business in the world, full of vanguard with all kinds of financial and industrial companies. The facilities of Expo Guadalajara, it is a mega structure that hosts all kinds of cultural events, congresses, conferences and exhibitions with a capacity of up to 50 thousand people simultaneously. In addition, you will find excellent business hotels with event halls and executive services.


Attractions & Tours

Besides its history, it is the ideal place to have fun with a great variety of entertainment centers such as fairs, huge parks, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, entertainment centers and much more. The historical downtown is a must see with its Degollado theatre, the Regional Museum, the City Museum, the Government Palace and the Cathedral towers. The Cabañas Theater is a place named Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity by the UNESCO.

If you are looking for a good mariachi, Tlaquepaque is the ideal place to enjoy a well-known Chabela (beer served in a cocktail glass) and a good regional dish. Another traditional option is a trip to the town of Tequila, where you can visit the distilleries of one of the most recognized Mexican drinks in the world, the agave fields and the National Museum of Tequila with its history.



Guadalajara International Airport is the third busiest airport in Mexico. It has flights to 33 cities in Mexico, 29 in the United States and 3 in Central America, serving a total of 13 airlines. It receives an average of 400 daily flights moving more than 7.6 million passengers a year.


Hotel infrastructure

Guadalajara has a hotel infrastructure of more than 21,500 rooms, including some of the most prestigious international hotel chains, although there are also excellent boutique hotels with the characteristic touch of the region.



Its food is defined in the colonial era, caused by the mixture of pre-Hispanic and European cultures, that fusion of seasons and the option of first class places prepare delicacies such as manchamanteles, pipian tongue, lomo adobado and the typical birria of ram. The Tapatío Pozole distinguished by its reddish color can be found in any corner of the city, as well as its traditional Tortas Ahogadas (drowned meat baguette) in hot sauce.

For those who like sweet things, there is the sweet of myrtle, the cajeta or the Jericalla. The drinks are also traditional, there are the delicious Escamochas which is a fruit-based drink, the tepache, which is a ferment from the pineapple peel, the incredibly famous Tequila and the Tejuino, traditional drink of the Huichols.


Event facilities

Expo Guadalajara is the most dynamic, versatile and important convention center in the country, with projection in Latin America, it is the ideal space to meet any requirement of any exhibition, congress or event. It offers up to 32 spaces with the possibility of modulating to 57 halls for all types of events, distributed in two levels that include 15 wide accesses to the exhibition floor, functional lobbies that allow traffic of up to 60,000 people daily, a forum for musical, cultural and social events and an open Expo for sports events, open air exhibitions and concerts.

At Emark DMC ® Guadalajara you can be sure that our trained staff will assist your company to carry out successful events and conventions with the quality and human warmth that characterizes us.



You will be able to enjoy a wide variety of options to go out at night, for all types of music from a quiet bohemian bar to spend a pleasant and peaceful night, restaurants with live music to extravagant discos, top class clubs and bars. The meeting points are in Chapultepec Avenue, Lopez Mateos and Vallarta Avenue, where you will be able to find a great number of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.


Customs & Traditions

It is a reference point for Mexican culture worldwide, the most outstanding traditions of Guadalajara such as;

Guadalajara’s Anniversary is celebrated on February 14th, founded in 1542 with a fair, religious and civic activities in which a great part of the population participates.

May Cultural Festival, this s event was created in 1998, it seeks to stimulate recreation, leisure and culture with artistic and musical activities of various genres, as well as conferences, exhibitions, workshops and gastronomy. It takes place throughout the month in various settings.

International Mariachi and Charreria Meeting, begins on the last Friday of August and lasts until the first Sunday of September each year, it is a cultural fair and focuses on musical and sporting activities, is a picturesque and remarkable event of the year giving international recognition to Mexican culture.

The procession of the Virgin of Zapopan, begins on May 20 and lasts 5 months, the image of the Virgin of Zapopan travels through the city. In a carriage pulled by people from the community, from the Zapopan Basilica to the Guadalajara Cathedral, covering 200 parishes.

October Festival, begun  in 1965, today it is one of the biggest and most awaited festivals in Mexico, during the whole month a great variety of activities are celebrated recreational and cultural activities, including Palenques, cockfights, livestock exhibition, sale of handicrafts, sporting events, music and dancing.


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