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Confectioning unique events

Whether you are planning a special event; anniversary, corporate, weddings, buffet, brunch’s, receptions, coffee breaks, open bar, cocktail party or whatever plans you have. At Emark DMC ®. Our professional staff will help you coordinate and ensure your event run smoothly coordinating music and entertainment, photography, audiovisual equipment, furniture, valet parking. Anything else? Just ask! we have excellent relationships with many venues, villas, rental companies, florists, DJ’s, etc.


Our Emark experts will produce magnificent experiences

We create special menus by elaborating delicate dishes. Our talented chefs produce magnificent menus, excellent presentation dishes and exquisite food. Our talented staff will help you coordinate and create a lasting memory and many original ideas.

Emark DMC

More Services

We produce and coordinate events in unique and spectacular places evoking unforgettable memories, specific details make big differences.

Whether interested in simple and elegant touch, a fancy lounge cocktail party or a total jaw transformation. Superb catering, elegant furniture, decorations, live entertainment, etc., we will put all pieces together.

We produce creative successful events at any time of year. Amusement, live performers providing true interaction ensuring everyone involved.

We offer a wide variety of selected private and high-end tours in Mexico for individuals and groups who needs to be apart from the crowds.

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