Covid Advice

• Sanitize protocols apply in all our facilities.
• Staff participates following safety procedures.
• Daily sanitization through nebulizer mist.
• Face covering and body temperature measurements.
• Rugs for shoe sanitization.
• Hand washing.
• Healthy physical distancing of 5 ft / 1.5 m minimum.
• Hygiene protocols visual aids are display in key places.

• Face mask or safety glasses, gloves and mask covering mouth & noise is mandatory for all staff members (Reps, guides, drivers, etc.)
• Temperature is taken to make sure it is under 37.5°C.
• Hands must be wash with water and soup.
• Our staff will carry antibacterial spray and proceed with a continuous cleaning process.
• Healthy physical distancing and not greeting guest by hand.
• Sanitized and cleaned staff uniform and footwear.

• Vehicles sanitization through nebulizer mist.
• Reduced capacity to encourage healthy physical distancing.
• Blocking seats with specific signage.
• Antibacterial gel dispenser located in all vehicles.
• Strict luggage handling control to assure that all pieces are sanitized prior boarding the vehicle.
• Reduce physical contact between people.

• Customers are not greeted by the hand and they must sanitize their hands before getting on board the vehicle.
• Guests must remain on the same seating. However large families or groups traveling together can be seated closely.
• An empty space or row between each passenger to respect the healthy physical distancing.
• Body temperature measurement.


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