Congresses & Conventions


Comprehensive solutions for your programs

Due our coordinated logistics we are able to manage large congresses, we work closely with the organizing committee assisting with transportation of all participants from hotels to convention centers and or venues. Welcome banners, signage at airports and hotels are set up, our staff will be on hand to provide pertaining information.

At Emark DMC ® We develop large scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, brand studying, target audience, devising event concept among others. All technical aspects are revisited before launching.



Vast background in large group operations

We had serviced international congresses within more than 3000 participants, several corporate accounts for meetings and conventions, including largest based Mexican companies all with relevant success. Many clients had trusted us their conventions, meetings & congresses over several years, including Associations and Corporations such as Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Technology and others having a substantial database.

Emark DMC

More Services

We Plan event from A to Z, so you can focus on what is important… Your company. Our event planners will make it happen.

We develop the most suitable venues for your event according your program and full details around the event.

We follow up the conception of your idea. Inspections are very helpful in order to assess the feasibility and evaluation of your event in the future.

We offer dine-arounds comprised of a restaurant (s) of your choice, boutique shopping and / or nightlife entertainment by personalizing unique menus.

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