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Villahermosa, the old Villa Hermosa of San Juan Bautista, located between the Carrizal and Grijalva rivers, currently called Villahermosa is a city that has many resources and services of a modern city, cobbled alleys and pedestrian areas with numerous fountains and natural areas. Villahermosa is a lung nestled in the jungle of the Mexican tropics, also called “The land of the Edén”.

Nowadays there are large shopping centers, complexes of buildings, hotels, monuments, avenues and urban circuits, the beauty of its natural landscapes, ecological reserves and "Olmeca Archaeological sites" La Venta and the Mayas of Palenque, which are in its surroundings, as well as museums and parks located in the downtown area. Two features distinguish Villahermosa from other cities in southern México, its beautiful parks & the inhabitants, who enjoy being in social gatherings.


Attractions & Tours

At Villahermosa there are different things to do, such as shopping malls, fairgrounds, a zoo, parks and museums. The Tomás Garrido Canabal Park with architectural and visual elements that represent pre-Hispanic and colonial aspects, also the Museum of Natural History "José Narciso Rivorosa", the Regional Museum of Anthropology "Carlos Pellicer Cámara", the Cathedral of the Lord of Tabasco.

La Venta is an open air museum and archaeological zone with an extension of 6.8 hectares with about 421 species of living fauna, including mammals, reptiles and flora of the tropical region, which shows artifacts found several thousand years ago dating from 1,300 to 200 BC, where you can observe more than 33 monuments, among which stand out the famous and colossal stone heads of between 6 -25 tons, several monoliths and altars, mosaics belonging to the Olmec culture that inhabited these lands of Mexico and Guatemala.

In the outskirts of Villahermosa, you can also visit the archaeological site of Palenque and the beautiful Cascades of Agua Azul, the route from Cacao to Chocolate which is a tour to the origins of chocolate. At Emark DMC ® Villahermosa you can be sure that our consultants will provide you with everything you need to enjoy your stay, whether for business or pleasure.



Carlos Rovirosa Pérez International Airport or Villahermosa International Airport handles domestic and international traffic with almost 150 flights a week. Among the airlines operating at this airport are; AeroMexico, Vivaaerobus, Inter jet, Volaris, Aeromar, TAR to mention a few.

Villahermosa is an ideal point right in the middle of 2 major airports Cancun 900 km and México City 900 km also attracters of international tourism and at the same time has excellent connection with the airports of Mérida, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Tapachula and Oaxaca. Villahermosa stands out with competitive advantages as a point of business development of the oil sector, but also as an excellent tourist destination.


Hotel infrastructure

The city of Villahermosa offers just over 150 hotels with almost 6000 rooms in different categories from 1 to 5 stars. Of these there is at least a grand tourist hotel category; Quinta Real Villahermosa, three out of 5 stars; Crown Plaza Villahermosa, Hyatt Regency Villahermosa, Marriot Villahermosa and at least another 35 of 4 and 3 stars of very good quality and service that offer a total of approximately 1082 rooms that stand out as hotels of tourist and business category.



The regional cuisine of the state of Tabasco has ancient recipes Mayan and Chontales with lots of vegetables, fruits and animals existing in the region, such as plants and herbs (achiote, parsley, epazote, coriander, chipilín, chili, banana leaf,). Likewise, Villahermosa has dishes in which the Pejelagarto "a kind of fish" is its main ingredient whether roasted, in salads, empanadas, chirmole of pejelagarto and tamales.

Bananas stuffed with meat, chicken or duck in Chirimol, which is a Mexican sauce with tomatoes, onion, peppermint, coriander, orange and chili. Other dishes of the sea are smoked oysters, shrimp seasoned with garlic, fish barbecue.

It has a wide variety of typical drinks; the Chorote, is a fermented drink with corn dough and ground cocoa, the Pozol is a drink also based on cocoa and maize, but unfermented, The Horchata rice, the Chocolate oats and sugar cane brandy among others. Villahermosa has also a wide variety of quality restaurants located in different areas of the city for all tastes and budgets.


Event facilities

The Tabasco 2000 Convention Center has an excellent location 25 minutes away from Villahermosa Airport, it is a space for national and international events, exhibitions, congresses, conventions, conferences and shows. With 7 rooms of different sizes can adequate to host up to 3,100 people or in combination with other salons can reach a capacity up to 5,500 people.

There are also hotels that offer facilities for business events or meetings and work meetings. At Emark DMC ® Villahermosa we are a company specialized in the provision of services to events with professionals focused on operation and logistical support for business tourism, congresses and conventions.



Villahermosa shows its night splendor to satisfy different tastes with soft and romantic music up to mambo, tropical and disco music to dance the night away in clubs and nightclubs with colorful lights and electronic music sound There are also live groups playing merengue and other tropical rhythms.

In addition, some days of the week the city has fun popular “verbenas” such as romantic Wednesdays in the Plaza de Trios, the mariachi concerts in the park J Claro García; the kicked dance in La Corregidora Park; on recreational Saturdays in Juarez Park and the danzón in Plaza Bicentenario.


Customs & Traditions

Villahermosa as the Capital of the State of Tabasco receives tourists with hospitality and in the traditional festivities everything is joy, kindness and colorful as the Tabasco Fair with zapateo, marimbas and drums contests, with parade of allegorical cars and during the fair the election of the "Golden flower" takes place, a custom in which a beauty contest is held with 17 participating ladies representing an equal number of municipalities.

The Chocolate Festival is a cultural and culinary festival with more than 80 exhibitors and national and international professional experts in dishes, desserts and chocolate-based drinks; November, the month of the Animas is a tradition that in the rest of the country is known as the celebration of the Day of the Dead, but here the preparation of the altars is usually quite traditional and rigorous, among many others.


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