Team Building


Motivational tool for team cohesion and leadership

Motivational activity highly recommended to achieve group objectives through teamwork, trust and leadership with the members of the company. Generally, activities are dynamic and challenging, can be on the beach, hotel gardens, fields, etc., are specially designed to enjoy a pleasant time, always adapting to the profile of the participants according to their age and physical condition.


Enhance social relations thru defining roles and task within collaborative teams

Highly interactive interpersonal integration component to achieve team goals through problem solving leadership, we encourage creativity, proactive spirit and cohesion, not only to meet, but also to obtain a better performance for the company. At Emark DMC ® we will work together to suggest and design the best activity to fit our clients’ integration ideals. 

Emark DMC

More Services

We follow up the conception of your idea. Inspections are very helpful in order to assess the feasibility and evaluation of your event in the future.

We offer dine-arounds comprised of a restaurant (s) of your choice, boutique shopping and / or nightlife entertainment by personalizing unique menus.

We tailor made the best activities for pleasure or corporate groups offering several alternatives, together we will find the best solution.

We produce and coordinate events in unique and spectacular places evoking unforgettable memories, specific details make big differences.

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