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Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco- Haute Gastronomy

Puerto Vallarta, a Paradisse Gastronomy

Puerto Vallarta is an internationally renowned culinary destination. You will find many options along its famous boardwalk, downtown alleys, and its Romantic Zone.

Puerto Vallarta hosts important gastronomic festivals during the year attracting locals and tourists.

Gastronomia puerto vallarta

The restaurant options are varied, due to its location on the coast, where the menus range from typical Mexican food to Japanese Greek, Italian, Argentinean, Austrian, Chinese and French, and sometimes merged where seafood is the star of the dishes.

Tequila is the official  world-famous drink of the state of Jalisco, you may want to try a classic Margarita cocktail in this beautiful destination.

The annual “Restaurant Week” festival is held during the last two weeks of May. Several of Puerto Vallarta’s most emblematic restaurants participate by offering three-course menus at special prices, giving you the opportunity to enjoy different gastronomic influences.


Haute food

hautee food

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