General Information

Mazatlan is known as "The Pearl of the Pacific", within more than 12 kilometers of golden beaches and beautiful sunsets, is the perfect setting to enjoy an unforgettable stay. At the hotel zones you will find different options for all budgets. In the last years, tourist developments  has been very accelerated, also the residential area with projects full of luxury, golf courses, marinas and condominium towers.

Mazatlan is catalogued as the second most important port of the country after Veracruz. The beginning of this city and its different areas makes it a destination with deep historical and cultural foundations.


Attractions & Tours

Mazatlán boardwalk, is considered one of the liveliest boardwalk in México, is the main stage of the carnival with more than 100 years of tradition. Visit Stone island and enjoy water sports, snorkeling and resting in a peaceful environment.

Mazatlán location makes it the perfect spot to enjoy sport fishing, with several marinas and a great number of tours. Visiting the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is a must, it is considered the most beautiful cathedral in the northwest of Mexico with a Gothic influence and a baroque decoration with a neoclassic tendency, contemplate its works and listen to the notes of its organ built in Paris in the 19th century.

You can visit the Plazuela Machado, it is the perfect place to enjoy a beer or coffee. It is the point where an unforgettable nightlife can begin. Don’t miss riding a pneumonia it is an open car, like a golf cart allowing visitors to know the city and feel the sea breeze.



Mazatlán International Airport is located 10 miles from the port, 62% of passengers are domestic and the rest international, has flights to 17 foreign cities, 5 in the United States and 12 to Canada by 9 airlines, within the country provides service to 9 cities within the country by 9 airlines.


Hotel infrastructure

The destination has an offer of accommodation in the order of 11,235 rooms with more than 150 hotels of different categories. It has 1 Gran Turismo hotel, 9 Five Stars and 3 Four Stars.



Mazatlán is considered the "Shrimp Capital", so one of its specialties is the Sinaloa shrimp, marinated in lemon juice, stuffed with grated cheese, wrapped in bacon and grilled, the avocado, shaken fish, governor's tacos, mountain ceviche, shrimp cocktail and scallop are some of the many options to enjoy.

Other outstanding dishes are the chilorio consisting of shredded meat marinated in ancho chile and other species, and the roasted chicken Sinaloa style is another specialty of the region.


Event facilities

Mazatlán International Center "MIC", has an area of 28,238 sq.m. and a capacity to host 4,500 people, an exhibition area of 4,374 sq.m and a convention area of 5,754 sq.m. divided in 17 rooms, 3 meeting rooms and a maximum capacity for 500 cars and 23 buses.

Another venue to hold all kinds of cultural events is the Angela Peralta Theater with capacity of up to 841 people. At Emark DMC ® Mazatlán we have been developing successful events for congresses and conventions for several years. Our expert staff joins your company to fulfill all the details of the A -Z.



Mazatlán is  a destinations with great options to enjoy at many nightclubs, ultimately the best place to start the night is the Fiesta land complex located at the end of the golden zone with a cliff overlooking the sea, various restaurants and clubs with music of all kind for all tastes that makes this place always crowded every night and is the icon of adventure of the nightlife in Mazatlán.



Most of them are quiet beaches where you can rest and enjoy a lot of water activities, Las Brujas beach is considered one of the best, its huge waves make it very visited by surfing lovers and families who want to go for a ride in an ATV or on horseback, Camarón beach, belongs to the golden zone where there are many hotels with a spectacular view, Sábalo beach is one of the main beaches in Mazatlán, with moderate waves so you can enjoy jet skiing or take fishing trips.

The Stone island is a great place to enjoy water sports like swimming or snorkeling in its calm waters. Los Pinos beach, with moderate to strong waves, is one of the most popular beaches, el Caminero beach, is a must visit since it is located between the lagoon and the sea, a great recommendation to spend a quiet and relaxing day.


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