General Information

Hermosillo is named after General José María González de Hermosillo, who participated in the War of Independence It is the capital city of the state of Sonora, 270 kilometers from the border with the United States of America and only 100 kilometers from the Sea of Cortes and the famous beaches of Bahía de Kino, and San Carlos.

Hermosillo is a modern city , with a unique natural environment and a great historical and cultural richness that offers visitors the natural warmth of its people and the sun, its eternal companion. Hermosillo is also called "the city of the Sun", with beautiful natural, cultural, artistic tourist attractions and a great historical richness. It is a city within more than 300 years, it has beautiful and old buildings, squares, parks, museums and outdoor activities, which has become an interesting tourist destination in northern México.


Attractions & Tours

Hermosillo offers a wide variety of tourist attractions such as Autodrome, golf courses, tennis courts, the Cathedral of the Assumption with a baroque, neoclassical and neo-gothic style, Plaza Zaragoza and its Kiosk with its leafy party place, artistic & musical events, “ El Cerro de la Campana”, it is a viewpoint with a panoramic view of the city, Plaza Hidalgo or Bicentenario, the Cultural Corridor, as well as natural attractions such as the Ecological Center which is a botanical garden and has a great flora and fauna of the ecosystems of the region.

“La Sauceda” a family recreational park with large gardens, swimming pools, slides and the Interactive Museum for Children "La Burbuja". The walk through the city can visit many of the most interesting and attractive places of Hermosillo. At Emark DMC ® Hermosillo you can be sure that our advisors will provide all what you need to enjoy your stay whether for business or pleasure.



Hermosillo International Airport or General Ignacio Pesqueira García Airport, is located approximately 10 kilometers or 15 minutes from the center of Hermosillo, operates numerous domestic flights to various destinations, as well as international flights to cities in the United States of America such as Los Angeles and Phoenix and is one of the busiest in the country.

The modernization of the airport receiving an average of one and a half million passengers, as well as the bilateral relationship with New Mexico and Arizona, have led to the tourism development of Hermosillo and the entire state of Sonora.


Hotel infrastructure

Throughout the state of Sonora there are according to the latest official data 540 hotels and 22,993 rooms which about 35% in different categories are in the city of Hermosillo, there are only more than 23 hotels from 3 to 5 stars with about 3000 rooms. Brands such as Marriot, Hilton, Fiesta Americana, Fiesta Inn, Holiday Inn, in addition including other categories it is estimated to be an offer of up to 5000 rooms available in Hermosillo.



In Hermosillo as in the whole state of Sonora you can enjoy the “Sonorense” food that has unique dishes that are worth trying, among the typical dishes can be mentioned; the "Casserole" is a combination of dried meat, potatoes, green peppers, onions and tomatoes; the "tamales of elote", "Machaca with vegetables" which is dried meat with vegetables, the "Chimichangas" which are large flour tortilla tacos stuffed with steak and bean, as well as excellent cuts of meat.

For desserts are the "Coyotas" kind of bread with sweet or jam, the "Capirotada sonorense" that has prunes, male banana, peanut and fresh cheese. A typical drink is the liqueur of "Bacanora" made with wild lettuce plants from the region. Of course, Hermosillo has a variety of restaurants with culinary specials or international cuisine for all tastes.


Event facilities

Hermosillo has various places for all kinds of events, congresses & conventions such as the Expo Forum Hermosillo, which is a fair and exhibition center, whose infrastructure and facilities allow the realization of commercial, business, artistic and cultural events, it has an exhibition area of 9,200 sq. m. divisible in two wings, a capacity to host 8,000 people and an area to place 300 stands.

The Venetto Hall is made up of 3 rooms with a capacity of 1,000 people in banquet type set up. It also has a Forum for Concerts & Shows with a capacity to host up to 11,000 people in an auditorium type set-up. At Emark DMC ® Hermosillo, we are professionals in the organization of specialized events focused on the operation and logistical support for business tourism, congresses and conventions.



Hermosillo has many places to enjoy the nightlife, the traditional bars with Mexican music are very popular, there are places for all tastes and budgets to go out dancing and enjoy a good dinner and drink. The best bars and discos offer excellent music and live band performances for an unforgettable evening. Also, some lobby and bars of the hotels in the north hotel area are crowded by business people looking for a little fun. Most restaurants and nightclubs are located on the popular Kino Boulevard.


Customs & Traditions

The most famous and representative of Hermosillo and the state of Sonora is "The Dance of the Deer" is a dance or dance native to the Yaqui tribe. The dancer who imitates the deer in its appearance and movements in front of other dancers who represent the hunters who finally hunt the deer to the sound of traditional and cantic instruments to accompany the dancers. Guitar Festival to which the best national and foreign guitarists arrive. The notable celebrations of the tribes "Yaquis" and "Mayos" at Easter, the "ExpoGan" or the Hermosillo Fair, with a variety of attractions, music and traditional dances.


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